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Language pack Bahasa Indonesia for joomla 2.5

Project Language pack bahasa Indonesia buat Joomla versi 2.5

Mohon reviewnya..

Update versi D1.2 =
File yang telah diupdate
admin id-ID.plg_finder_content.ini
admin id-ID.com_finder.sys.ini
admin id-ID.plg_captcha_recaptcha.sys.ini
admin id-ID.plg_captcha_recaptcha.ini
admin id-ID.plg_content_pagenavigation.ini
admin id-ID.plg_user_joomla.ini
admin id-ID.com_users.ini
admin id-ID.com_content.ini
admin id-ID.plg_system_languagefilter.ini
admin id-ID.com_installer.ini
admin id-ID.lib_joomla.ini
admin id-ID.com_modules.ini
admin id-ID.com_finder.ini
admin id-ID.plg_content_finder.sys.ini
site id-ID.mod_finder.ini
site id-ID.mod_syndicate.ini
site id-ID.com_finder.ini
site id-ID.mod_users_latest.ini
site id-ID.mod_whosonline.ini

File : (update 15 Mei 2012)
size : 230 KB
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DIKO Textarea Editor for Mobile Browser

"DIKO textarea editor" is a Textarea JavaScript editor for mobile browser by DiKo (Diskusi Komputer).

Supported tags:
bold, <strong>
italic, <em>
underline, <u>
link, <url>
image, <img>
left, <p align="left">
center, <p align="center">
right, <p align="right">
justify, <p align="justify">

How to install and configure

Download the plugin here Extract the files and upload them to your server. Note that index.htm is added as an example of the editor use and may be ...
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